Contoh Kalimat Agreement Disagreement

Contoh Kalimat Agreement Disagreement: Understanding the Basics

As a professional, I have come across many articles that discuss the topic of agreement and disagreement. It is one of the most important aspects of communication, and mastering the art of expressing your agreement or disagreement with someone is crucial in both personal and professional contexts.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of agreement and disagreement and provide you with some examples of how to express these two concepts in Indonesian.


Agreement is a state where two or more parties express their consent or willingness to accept something. It is an important aspect of communication that helps to build trust and understanding between individuals or organizations. Here are some examples of how to express agreement in Indonesian:

1. “Saya setuju dengan pendapat Anda” (I agree with your opinion)

2. “Saya memang merasa sama seperti Anda” (I do feel the same way as you)

3. “Saya pikir itu benar-benar masuk akal” (I think that makes a lot of sense)


On the other hand, disagreement is when two or more parties express their opposite views or opinions about something. It is not necessarily a negative state, and it can lead to healthy debates and discussions. Here are some examples of how to express disagreement in Indonesian:

1. “Maaf, saya tidak setuju dengan pendapat Anda” (I`m sorry, I don`t agree with your opinion)

2. “Saya memahami pendapat Anda, tetapi saya merasa berbeda” (I understand your opinion, but I have a different view)

3. “Saya tidak yakin itu benar” (I`m not sure that`s correct)


In conclusion, expressing agreement and disagreement is an essential part of communication. By mastering these concepts, you will be able to communicate effectively and build positive relationships with others. Whether you are in a personal or professional context, understanding how to express these two concepts in Indonesian will help you navigate various situations with ease and confidence.